Brocation is Coming! This year’s men’s retreat – “Brocation” – is fast approaching! May 4 – 6 is going to be a fantastic time for our men to step away from the daily grind and reconnect with God and each other.

Event Details

When: May 4-6. We’ll be starting Thursday evening and expect to be back in San Antonio Saturday afternoon.

Where: Camp Zephyr.

Who: The gentlemen from Grace Community Church and any of your friends who you think would enjoy the event.

Cost: $125 per person. Cost includes all event material, lodging, food and activities.

How to register: Here

Amenities: Delicious camp food (not being sarcastic…it’s pretty darn good). The most comfortable bunk bedding I’ve personally experienced¬†at a camp. Hot showers. Cold drinking water. Plenty of space to roam around. Sitting around a bonfire¬†is highly likely. We promise, no extreme physical activity required to attend.

Why you should go: Have you ever experienced archery tag? Well, you’re about to. This event is also a great time to refresh your soul and connect with other men from the church.