Darren Stewart
Lead Pastor

In September 2005, Darren was appointed as a pastor at Grace to help oversee Community Outreach and Impact Group Ministries. Six years later, after continued sacrifice, commitment and leadership, he was appointed as lead Pastor. Darren is married to Kathi and they have two children, Nikki and Elle. Darren also speaks with a strange accent and frequently says, “G’day, Mate.”
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Nacho Pecina
Community Pastor

Nacho has pastored in Kansas City, Washington DC, Miami, and now San Antonio since 1999. Nacho has the gift of service, which means he frequently sees something that needs to be done and he loves to get other people to help him! He is also passionate about evangelism. Nacho is married to Sara who is the Children’s Ministry Director.
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Ryan Gernand
Executive Pastor

Ryan has been involved in full-time ministry since 2003. He has been involved in ministry since 2003 serving in El Paso, the Houston area, and in Atlanta, Georgia. Ryan is married to Brittany and they have two children, Grayson and Brynlee. They are very happy to be back in Texas and to have the opportunity to continue in their ministry here at Grace. They have been at Grace since May 2012.
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Aaron Pile
Worship Pastor

Growing up in Kansas, Aaron developed a passion for music and worship as a teen. After helping lead worship in his home church and during college, he moved to Texas to follow God’s leading into full-time ministry in 2008. Aaron is married to his beautiful wife Lanie and they have a one child, Ruby! Together they love serving the Lord at Grace Community Church.
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Russell Dick
Family Pastor

Bio To Come
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Kathi Stewart
Office Manager
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Lianne Murphy
Office Assistant
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Tina Martin
Family/Worship Ministry Assistant
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Kelli Furrow
Early Childhood Director
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Melissa Bradley
Elementary Director
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Terri Donahoe
Business Manager
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Nate Williams
Community Life Director
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Steve Sanders
Facility/ Maintenance
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Nikki Zarate
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